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Overall Standings
Rank Team Owner League Points
Rank 1 TeamMGBS 14 OwnerMartin Bedell LeagueNFFC Classic #7357 Points1,249.0
Rank 2 TeamDawson OwnerJeffrey Dawson LeagueNFFC Classic #7183 Points1,192.5
Rank 3 Teamrecovery 3 OwnerTOM YATES LeagueNFFC Classic #7185 Points1,171.2
Rank 4 TeamUNO OwnerMichael Edelman LeagueNFFC Classic #6537 Points1,167.7
Rank 5 TeamNYTCxpress OwnerDon Lacknett LeagueNFFC Classic #7092 Points1,151.6
Rank Team Owner League Points
Rank 1 TeamKing OwnerChris King LeagueRotowire Online Championship #7057 Points1,343.6
Rank 2 TeamFagan OwnerRobert Fagan LeagueRotowire Online Championship #3385 Points1,333.7
Rank 3 TeamWerner OwnerWilliam Werner LeagueRotowire Online Championship #4011 Points1,312.8
Rank 4 TeamNo Balls No Babies OwnerBrent Grooms LeagueRotowire Online Championship #7246 Points1,306.9
Rank 5 TeamX-Factors OwnerMichael Ciszek LeagueRotowire Online Championship #7144 Points1,270.6
Rank Team Owner League Points
Rank 1 Teamstith Ownerstephen stith LeagueNFFC Primetime #6649 Points1,341.8
Rank 2 TeamFrozen Tundra PT3 OwnerJohn Pausma LeagueNFFC Primetime #7182 Points1,274.6
Rank 3 TeamSchleicher OwnerKimra Schleicher LeagueNFFC Primetime #6788 Points1,258.2
Rank 4 TeamMardesich OwnerJack Mardesich LeagueNFFC Primetime #6962 Points1,257.5
Rank 5 TeamCocktails & Money OwnerJoe Berg LeagueNFFC Primetime #7509 Points1,232.4
Rank Team Owner League Points
Rank 1 TeamPhilly Faithful OwnerFred Pagani LeagueCutline Championship #7209 Points1,563.1
Rank 2 TeamStormin Mormons 4 OwnerGEORGE WALLOFF LeagueCutline Championship #7488 Points1,538.4
Rank 3 TeamSwordfish OwnerHenry Muto LeagueCutline Championship #3601 Points1,532.8
Rank 4 TeamMonica Loves ClintonDix2 OwnerKenny West LeagueCutline Championship #3533 Points1,522.0
Rank 5 TeamValhalla of Decadence CL8 OwnerThomas Greenwald LeagueCutline Championship - 4 Hour #5587 Points1,512.0
Rank Team Owner League Points
Rank 1 TeamHighlander OwnerPaul Spradling League$150 Draft Champions NATL - 2 Hour #1924 Points1,517.0
Rank 2 TeamRex Grossman OwnerChris Eibl League$150 Draft Champions NATL - 4 Hour #3381 Points1,516.7
Rank 3 TeamThe Annexation of Puerto Rico OwnerBrian Edwards League$150 Draft Champions NATL - 4 Hour #4119 Points1,513.4
Rank 4 TeamSpinningSeams2 OwnerScott Davis League$150 Draft Champions NATL - 2 Hour #6829 Points1,506.5
Rank 5 TeamSlipstitches 1 OwnerMarc Perlmutter League$150 Draft Champions NATL - 4 Hour #4560 Points1,500.7

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NFFC Cutline Championship
The 6th annual NFFC Cutline Championship features the industry’s largest 10-team national contest in a unique survivor format. This contest has a new twist this year as the regular season consists of a “best ball” optimal scoring format, with five of the 10 teams in each league being eliminated after Week 9. Playoff teams then try to survive the “cut” in Weeks 10 through 16 while setting their starting lineups and the team with the most points in Week 16 wins $75,000.
More Info
10 Team Leagues, $250 1st Place league prize with a guaranteed $75,000 Grand Prize. $125 entry fee
Optimal Scoring Lineup for Weeks 1-9. Set starting lineups in playoff rounds of Weeks 10-16.
Teams will draft 26 players online and will have only three FAAB periods. Survive the cutline in Weeks 10-16 and you could win $75,000.
NFFC Primetime
The NFFC Primetime is now in its 11th season and features a $150,000 grand prize. Primetime leagues feature 12-team leagues with live drafts in Las Vegas, New York City and Online. These are 20-round drafts with free agent pickups from Weeks 1 through 13. Top three teams in each league make the Championship Round, in Weeks 14-16 where one team will emerge with the $150,000 grand prize.
More Info
12 Team Leagues, $6,500 1st place league prize, $150,000 grand prize, $1,600 entry fee.
Owners draft 20 players, use in-season FAAB, and set starting lineups every week. 3 teams from each league make the Championship Round.
Drafts use Third Round Reversal (3RR) to make each draft spot equal and allow free agent pickups from Week 1 through Week 13.
NFFC Satellite Leagues
The NFFC offers private leagues for as little as $125 where all of the prize money stays within the league. Payouts are 80 percent to the Top 3 teams in each league. The NFFC offers 12-team and 14-team Satellite Leagues with no additional fees. Top 4 teams in each league through Week 13 make the Championship Round.
More Info
Leagues have price points ranging from $125 per team to $500 per team. Top 3 teams in the Championship Round earn prize money.
Teams compete in their private leagues for 13 weeks, with the best head-to-head record and most points earning prize money after Week 13.
Teams draft 20 players online and play every other team once during the regular season. Free agent pickups are allowed from Weeks 1 through 13.
Live Drafts
The NFFC is the only high-stakes fantasy football contest with regional live drafts. Since 2004, the NFFC has held live drafts in Las Vegas and New York City and the NFFC returns to both locations this year. Great destinations like the Bellagio in Las Vegas and Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City are our host venues in 2018.
Great camaraderie. Multiple drafts in one big ballroom. Food and drink provided by the NFFC. There’s nothing like a live NFFC draft.
You draft the best players and we’ll take care of the rest. All picks are projected to a large screen from HD projectors. It’s high tech and fun.
Drafts last 2 hours or less with auctions lasting around 3 hours. We take care of the rest and have food and drink on hand so that you can just concentrate on building that winning team.
15 Years of Greatness
The NFFC started in 2004 as the industry’s only 14-team national contest and debuted with 224 teams competing for the $100,000 grand prize. The NFFC now has five national contests, with grand prizes ranging from $22,000 to $150,000. The NFFC has grown to the point where last year more than 10,000 teams competed in all of our contests.
The NFFC is the longest-running high-stakes fantasy football contest in the industry. Since 2004, we've awarded more than $20 million in prizes.
Past NFFC champions include Hall of Famers Chad Schroeder, Chris Vaccaro and Tom Yates.
More than 40 owners have earned $100,000 or more in the NFFC since 2004 and 8 owners have earned $250,000 or more.
NFFC Platinum League
The NFFC offers high-dollar private leagues that draft live and online. We offer the Super at $2,500 per team, the Ultimate at $5,000 per team, the Diamond at $10,000 per team and the Platinum at $20,000 per team. Prizes range from 87 percent to 95 percent. This is the 5th year for the Platinum League.
More Info
The Platinum league is a 12-team draft with first place earning up to $165,000.
Teams play in a head-to-head and points format for 13 weeks with the Top 4 teams advancing to the Championship Round.
The best of the best play in these private high-dollar leagues. Teams with the best record and most points after Week 13 also earn prize money.